Writing a Literature Review Chicago Style

Do You Need Help to Write a Literature Review in Chicago Style?

literature review chicago style helpA literature review Chicago style is a critical review of the information that is available in your specific topic area. Its purpose is to provide a background to your own research and show what gaps and problems there are with what has currently been discovered. This needs to be done in a very precise style of writing if you don’t want your work to be rejected or returned for revisions.

Knowing how to write a review of literature in Chicago style is therefore very important to prevent any issues with your writing. Chicago style has been around since 1906 and is in its 16th edition. It actually provides for 2 systems of citations. These are the notes and bibliography style which is favored by the humanities and the author-date system which is more favored by the physical, social and natural sciences. Whichever style is used however it should be used consistently throughout your work.

According to the Smithsonian there are some 1.8 million papers published every year. This can make it very difficult for you to actually find information that is relevant to your work as there is just so much out there. Our support and advice, however, can provide you with all of the help that you need with writing your Chicago or MLA literature review.

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Tips for Writing a Literature Review Chicago Style

best tips for writing a literature reviewGetting yourself organized and understanding what is expected of you for your literature review in the correct writing style is very important if you are to avoid any issues later on. Our tips for writing a literature review covering all of the areas that you need to consider to help you with ensuring that you meet the standards expected of you:

Do Your Research Correctly for Your Literature Review

Actually finding reliable sources of information about your topic area is often the part that many students struggle with. Especially with so much information out there. It can be hard to find information that is really relevant and also trustworthy to use within your lit review. The following tips will help you with conducting your review well:

☉ Have a clear research question or thesis for your topic area. This will help you to focus your research rather than just wandering around the topic with no clear aim.

☉ If you use the internet to find information use a scholarly search engine. Try to stick to sites that are well known and respected and government and education based sites so that you can be sure that they are reliable. Do not only rely on the internet for your sources.

☉ Make good use of your library. This will allow you to access research papers and journals that may not be available online or that you would otherwise have to pay to view.

☉ Gather all of the data that will be required for your citations and references when you do your research as it will be difficult to return and find it later.

☉ Do a thorough evaluation of the sources that you use:

⟶ What is the author’s thesis? Is it clearly stated and important to your field?

⟶ How related is it to your own research?

⟶ Have they used a suitable methodology?

⟶ Have they made a clear and logical argument using the data that they have?

⟶ Are their conclusions balanced or are they biased, have they considered opposing views?

Plan Your Writing in Chicago Style

Create a routine for your writing; write at the same time each day and have a clear goal as to how much writing you will achieve. Do all work in a location that is free from all distractions.best chicago style literature review exampleThe following tips will help you with your actual literature review writing to help ensure that your writing follows a robust structure and contains all of the information that the reader will expect to see:

Review a Chicago style literature review example to see how others have structured and written their reviews. Do not however simply copy anything that you find as this would be plagiarism.

Create an outline for your literature review; a typical structure will be something like this:

Your introduction:

⟶ Introduce your topic area and your reasons for studying it

⟶ Explain the scope of your study and what is and is not included

⟶ Show how your review will be organized

The main body of your review:

⟶ Show the different themes present within your topic area

⟶ Show where your topic sits within the broader subject area

⟶ Go from the broad topic area to your specific topic view

The conclusions of your review:

⟶ Summarize all of the most important aspects of your review

⟶ Show where the main gaps and flaws are in the available literature

⟶ Explain what still requires investigation

⟶ Explain the links between your research and the information available

⟶ Proofread all of your writing to ensure that it is completely free of all errors before you submit your writing.

Remember this piece of advice from Birmingham City University:

It is very important to note that your review should not be simply a description of what others have published in the form of a set of summaries, but should take the form of a critical discussion, showing insight and an awareness of differing arguments, theories, and approaches.

Use Chicago Format for Writing Literature Review References

All of your citations and references need to be done in the correct style and must use a consistent method throughout your whole paper. You cannot use two different methods in different parts of your paper. The following is an example of how a Chicago style reference is structured for a book when giving credit to the original author:

Last, First M. Book Title in italics. City: Publisher, Year of publication.

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