Sample of a Literature Review: The How-To’s

Can a Sample Literature Review Outline Help You?

best sample of a literature reviewWriting lit review sections can often be the hardest part of your paper. Many students want to get straight on and launch into their research but it is very important that you also provide your reader with a clear understanding of where your own work sits with the existing work that has already been completed. A good literature review will highlight what is already known, what the weaknesses are with the existing information and what holes still exist. It provides a clear framework for your own work.

A good sample of a literature review can provide you with a good idea of how your own should be written. They provide you with a lot of ideas that you can incorporate into your own writing as well as show you the expectations that you need to meet. Our example of a literature review is just what you need to help you to fully understand what you need to do for your academic writing. Our services have been providing support to students and academics for several years and our staff is some of the most experienced and well qualified that you will find online. Through us, you can get the helpful sample literature review outline as well as support with your literature review writing.

How Can You Use a Sample of a Literature Review?

best sample literature review outlineAn example of writing is often the best way for many people to see how something should be done. A good review of literature sample can show you exactly how you should structure your review, the types of sources that you should include and also how your citations should be done. A literature review format example will show you exactly how your references and everything else should be put in the correct academic style.

Examples, however, are only good for guidance, they are not something that you should ever copy as that would be considered plagiarism. Even if an example of a literature review is excellently written it is also unlikely to be focused on your specific topic and research question. Your personal literature review, whether it’s a literature review APA outline or written in MLA style, must always be written from scratch.

How to Write a Good Literature Review

Writing your own literature review does not have to be excessively difficult if you takebest literature review format example the time to prepare and plan what needs to be done. The following tips for writing a good literature review will help you to achieve the standard that is expected of you:

Be sure of the format that is expected of your writing and the specific information that you will need to collect for your citations and references.

Select sources that are relevant to your topic area from more than simply Google. Use your library to look at journals and past research papers rather than simply websites. If you do use the internet use a scholarly search engine and check that the source is reliable such as with a .edu or .gov site.

Take careful notes when you do your research; ensure that you collect the full information required for your references so that you don’t have to go back looking for the information again.

⌾ Ensure that you have a very clear research question to drive your research. Without a clear thesis, you will have no focus for what you are trying to research and write.

Create an outline for your literature review; this will allow you to see exactly how everything will fit together and help you to avoid too much rewriting later. It will also help you to spot any obvious holes in your research.

Do your research and writing at the same time each day so that you will continue to make clear and steady progress. Set yourself goals for how much reading and writing you will achieve in each day.

Proofread your writing very carefully so that you can be sure that there are no errors when you submit your work.

How Can We Provide Literature Review Help?

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